Honoring Those Who Sacrificed
Honoring Those Who Served

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Big Daddy Unlimited (BDU) is proud to support our veteran community with this special sweepstakes.

BDU is revolutionizing the online gun, gear, and ammo-buying process with the largest selection of in-stock products at everyday industry-leading prices! Our mission is to help our members exercise their Second Amendment rights at prices they can live with while giving them the VIP service they deserve! Our passion for the Second Amendment is unyielding, and we patriotically defend the freedoms upon which our great country was founded.


Entrant and/or veteran must follow @bigdaddyunlimited and @bioxcellerator_ on Instagram (and still be following on the day of the contest winner announcement) AND you must tag both Big Daddy Unlimited and Bioxcellerator using the tags below.  Or you may apply BELOW and share the post.

Entrant must provide a story of why they believe their veteran should be considered for this giveaway and the condition that needs to be treated with Stem Cell Therapy. This must be detailed and listed in the comments of the entry post or in the entry form on this website.

Treatment is only applicable to the issue described in the story. If Bioxcellerator is unable to treat this specific issue general rejuvenation will be awarded.

Contest Duration will be until January 31, 2022 (The Final Winner’s will be contacted on or about February 16, 2022). DM us with basic contact information to complete your entry.


Breaking The Code Feat. Omar "Crispy" Avila - Regenerative Medicine Aiding Veterans In RECOVERY

Omar “Crispy” Avila sustained major injuries that included severe burns and an amputated leg while serving his country. We thank our veterans for the sacrifices that they make for their country. Here is how regenerative medicine is helping Veterans on their journey towards recovery and no more pain. This is an episode of Breaking the Code with..


BioXcellerator has quickly become one of the few global centers of research and therapy that is harnessing the full potential of regenerative medicine.

As leaders in research and regenerative medicine, they focus on optimizing, renewing, regenerating and restoring health, using personalized treatment. Their staff is trained in the most advanced technologies and therapeutic methods to treat patients with cutting-edge stem cell therapies. Their technique’s not only combat disease and injury but also contribute to the fundamental health of the human being during the aging process.

Their cell therapy protocols are based on national and international standards where we employ well-targeted combinations of allogeneic stem cells from human umbilical cord tissue and autologous bone marrow stem cells to treat different diseases and medical conditions using the body’s healing potential to promote recovery and regeneration of functional tissue and thus improve the quality of life of their patients. 

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To enter the contest, you must follow the entry requirements outlined in How To Enter Contest above.

After submitting this form to enter the contest, please share the post mentioned in the How To Enter Contest section above.

Contest Rules: 

  • Must be 18 years or older (or accompanied by a legal guardian) 
  • Procedure will be awarded upon completion of HIPPA documentation, Health History Questionnaire, and zoom medical consult with our doctors (if the winner’s condition is not deemed treatable then we will discuss alternative prize options).
  • Small percentage of patients are not eligible due to the impact on their health (cancer patients not outside 5 years in remission, individuals who have had an organ transplant, eye or ocular conditions, and people with severe end-stage heart or organ failure).
  • A companion is required to visit with the awarded winner. If it is not a direct relative or spouse, a separate room will be provided at no additional cost
  • Flights and food are not included in the value of the awarded prize. 
  • Value and prize do not convey and must be used by the intended winner but can be gifted. The person who is gifted the procedure must meet the same guidelines as previously stated in Entry Section. 
  • Contest winners are at the sole discretion of the Company Manager and must have doctors clearance.